We dream of a world where elementary education of our kids would be delivered by schools that are started by passionate and highly qualified people, where each child is treated like a potential game changer in his/her field of strength, where play and outdoors is as important as study and where learning can come from all directions - even a smart kid can teach others or willing parents coming out to contribute to the environment of learning; where team work and collaboration is discussed much more than mindless competition; where each child would understand by doing that the only competition he/she has is himself/herself. In the dream school, learning by rote and only books would be absolutely NO-NO. And we dream that this school would be very pocket friendly to parents.

Can we, the common people - collectively make this school a reality?

Private schools ( barring few ) today are money making machines. When such schools are opened for profiting as the primary objective, the output would be poor quality of education, exploited teachers and unhealthy environment for kids to learn and grow. They would have few role models to shape their goals, dreams, aspirations as the whole experience of their schooling is hardly about discovering, experimenting, learning, problem solving, collaborating but more about roting, passing exams for the sake of it, getting presentable grades and mindlessly competing with others.

Name of our dream school - Abdul Kalam Public School

( Message to one and all )

We plan to attain this feat by walk and reaching out to common man / woman at public places. We will spread awareness, raise funds and prove that if society can come together, join hands, the combine force can move mountains and bring justice to the education sector. We hope that this cue would be taken by individuals and groups all over India and within an year or so, our education system would start seeing a major makeover and right people start getting pulled in into the education eco-system, the likes of Lt. APJ Abdul Kalam - who sincerely want to uplift masses through education while finding genuine ways to keep the cost manageable to common man. Basic education of your ward, after all, must not be a back-breaking financial burden to you.

Greatly inspired by Abdul Sattar Edhi, we aim to collect few crores in few months. Impossible, Be Practical - sceptics may say. But we are positive that the goal is achievable as our motive is pure and simple, clear, unadulterated, and to us - highly religious. We hope that our honesty, sincerity and commitment would touch hearts of Hyderabad people, other states and Indians all over the world and they would do their bit to contribute to the cause. We want to open a school in nice location, in or around city, having wonderful field and running track, decent playground and having build-up spaces with plenty of light, air and abundant nature around.

Genesis of this idea:


Why we chose this way to raise funds?


Private schools are sucking the blood out of parents.


Government schools comes with lots of baggage - Just like Govt hospitals. If given a choice - we would not want to get treated in Govt hospitals and we would not want to send our kids to Govt schools.

What this school would stand for:

S.No Promise of
1. True democratization of schooling. The school would be - by the people, for the people and of the people. Owned by nobody and owned by everybody in a way. As there would be hundreds and thousands of donors behind the genesis of the school, the creation would start without Return of Investment expectations by anyone. That itself is a beautiful and pure start and we will make sure to put such system in place that school runs partially by Fee Collections and partially by donations going forward.  
2. Make PTM - an unforgettable experience. Parents-teachers meeting would happen often enough - as many as 2 times an year. During the meet, we would build an informal environment of parents networking with each other and also serve Langar ( food ) to them.

3. Building doers, thinkers and socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. We plan to nurture great values to your wards. Sports, extra curricular activities, confidence building would be given high priority while keeping balance between personality development and studies.  
4. Fairness. Admission to the school would be fair. Whoever contributed(Tan/Man/Dhan Seva), however small, in making of this school would be given fair chance of admission of their wards. Transportation fee would be based on the actual usage. So, for summer/winter holidays, you would be charged - absolutely nothing for the transportation.  
5. Peace-of-mind. If for any reasons, single earner family looses his/her job ( laid-off / voluntary break ) and circumstances pushes him/her to apply for a whole year of fee waiver ( all types of fee - tuition/activity/bus etc...), it would be considered and in most genuine cases, we would pick up the tab.
6. Accountability. Our expenses and collections would be openly displayed and available on our website for anyone to analyse. We would put all types of fees collected for the last 5 years on our website.  
7. Parents Involvement. We would encourage parents involvement every once in a while. We envision Parents week/month once a year where parents can pick a slot of their choice to come and teach kids ( teachers, staff and even other parents may also attend ). We want to build an environment that is conducive to new learnings. Many parents are professional in their fields or experts in some art and craft and we would like to invite them to take classes/sessions of their topic of interest. This promise to give a meaningful, fulfilling break to everyone - parents, kids, teachers and staff alike.  
8. Reasonable Cost. Tentative figures:
Admission Fee:Rs 5000
Caution Deposit:Rs 0
Yearly fees:Rs 40,000 - 50,000
Transportation ( optional ):Rs 5000 - 15,000 / annum
Meal:Not decided yet
9. Memorial. Whoever contributes, his/her name would be written on the Wall of Believers.
10. Transparency and Openness. Till the school gets opened, daily collections of funds would be posted on our website. We encourage you to check the progress of this project daily and contribute as much as you comfortably can. Also, please spread the word around. Let's prove what millions of joined hands collectively can achieve.  
11. Inauguration. The school would be inaugurated jointly by 2 sets of people:
  • Olympian / Paralympian
  • Highly decorated researcher/scientist/subject expert/game changer
12. Profit <= 1%. We want to be brutally honest about what we stand for. Ours would be a private school with target of 1% profit/year. After few years of operations, we may be targeted to make more profit (in the world of education, it's called surplus) and if that happens, the fees would be reduced to meet our targets. If we face loses, we would raise the money the same way as we raised before starting the school - reaching out to public.  
13. Public in true sense. In front of school, we plan to open something for the public - public toilets. The toilet would be as hygienic, clean and well maintained just like what you would expect at airports.

We would try our best to achieve the above-mentioned goals as-it-is. There may be some changes due to unforeseen circumstances and constraints.

What if this dream could not find wings?

Setbacks are part of life. In fact, our experiences have taught us not to classify experiences as failure or success. We prefer to call them experiments. Diverse experiments gives meaning to our lives and some experiments are more near and dear to our heart and soul than others. Experiments are associated with inherited risks and at times, things do not go as one anticipated. We fully realize that there are good chances of things not going right in this chosen path. We will accept the fate whole-heartedly, learn from the experience and move on. The learning, may become seed for our next related experiment and that my friends, life is all about.

The collections would be utilized for betterment of society like -

This site would show the accounts, distribution, pictures and videos of where your money went.

If you do NOT want your donation to be used for ANY other purpose, we respect your decision. In that case, you should be getting your money back. Please follow this simple step for that.

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